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Holding together the hope that Christmas will bring joy and celebration after a uniquely difficult year.

Our Christmas preparations and celebrations will feel very different this year, and they will be very different. We have experienced so many changes in our lives over the last year. What are we looking back on in gratitude? What are we looking back on in sorrow? What have we lost, what have we gained? And of course, who have we lost and had to say ‘good bye’ to this year?


Within it all, we prepare, we watch and wait, and we will celebrate the Birth of our Saviour - in one way or another. And to help us do so, we invite you to engage with this little booklet of ‘Comfort and Joy’. It offers Nine Lessons and Carols, like a traditional Christmas Carol Service, spanning from Christmas Day, 25 December 2020 into the New Year, to 2 January 2021.


The booklet is available from the Parish Office on request.

Use it, my friends, pray it, sing it, share it. Let it comfort you, let it give you joy, let it lead you in reflection and remembrance, let it lead you into thanksgiving and praise.

And join us, if you like, on Zoom (for about an hour) to share ‘Comfort and Joy’ together. Come as often as you can, even if it’s only once! You are welcome. All are welcome.


God bless us this holy Advent season, God bless us this Christmas time.

Zoom schedule


Tuesday 22 December, 2.30 pm: Introductory session

Zoom Link >

Meeting ID: 885 6764 2729

Passcode: 125342


Tuesday 29 December, 2.30 pm: Sing, choirs of angels

Zoom Link >

Meeting ID: 880 7428 5288

Passcode: 700401


Saturday 2 January, 2.30pm: What can I give him?

Zoom Link >

Meeting ID: 821 6406 0929

Passcode: 736413

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