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February 2020 - AGM

Branch Leader Marion Hickson welcomed members and especially Richard South who chaired the meeting. A short act of worship was held, remembering members who were ill.


Reports on the past year were given and it was decided to donate to the Overseas Fund and the MU Caravan. The Committee will remain the same and Brenda Churchhouse thanked them for organising such good monthly meetings.

Brenda Sanderson provided refreshments and Pat Normington brought part of her 80th birthday cake.


The next meeting is on Thursday March 12th, in the Callister Hall, when John Hyland will tell of the Life and Times of a Builder. Visitors, male and female, are very welcome to join us and hear more from this well known gent. 

January 2020

Members held a Wave of Prayer service at the home of Brenda Sanderson, which was a thoughtful and emotional reminder of local action and global impact. This was followed by lunch at The Dexter in Shadwell, where everyone enjoyed tasty food and good conversation.


The next meeting will be the AGM, on February 13 in the Callister Hall, when reports on the past year and plans for future meetings will be shared.


New members are always welcome.

For more information please contact Brenda Sanderson on 01937 573352.

December 2019


Members greeted each other warmly and remembered their friend and stalwart member Brenda Hoare, who had passed away recently, with a minute’s silence.


While Shepherds Watched was sung and members reminded of the Wave of Prayer taking place in All Hallows, at 2.30 pm on 8 January.


Pat Normington who needed no introduction, then told members of her life’s experiences. Pat was born in Burley in Wharfedale and her mother realised after a while that she was deaf. At 4 ½ she went to a deaf school in Bradford, her mother taking her on the bus each day. Pat demonstrated how she learnt about vibrations with a balloon and explained how far technology has come in the ensuing years. She went to catering college, and with the help of a fellow student, Patricia, managed to pass her exams.


Her parents bought the Riverside Café in Wetherby, she then worked at Ingmanthorpe Hall, Thorpe Arch School for boys, and Castle Hill Nursing Home. She had a rough few years with depression, but supported many  charities and has always done much worthwhile work. 10 years ago she got yet another hearing aid and a miracle happened, she could hear. Noises which we take for granted are wonderful to Pat, the sound of water, birds, the rain and wind, and of course speech. What a wonderful lady she is and how the members appreciated her sharing her life with them. She is actually going wing walking in May next year.


The meeting closed after enjoying festive food.


The next meeting on 9 January will be over lunch at The Dexter at 12 noon. Please ring Brenda Sanderson on 01937 573352 for more information and to arrange lifts.

November 2019


On a very cold afternoon the 10 members attending were pleased of the warmth and  comfort of the Callister Hall. Branch Leader, Marion Hickson, led a short act of worship during which ‘The King of Love my Shepherd is’ was sung.


In the notices, a report was given on the Provincial Eucharist Service held in Leeds Minster, at which the Worldwide MU President Sheran Harper had been a wonderful speaker. Relevant future dates were shared including the 'Area Meeting' and 'Faith Lunch' in Leeds Minster on 17 December and the 'Wave of Prayer' at 2.30 pm on 8 January.

It was discussion month, with the topic being modern day slavery, which the MU are working hard on with the Clewer Initiative. Many amazing and disturbing details came to light and they will try to raise awareness. Figures show that there are 136,000 men, women and children trapped in slavery in the UK. They could live in cities, towns or our villages and are exploited because of mental illness, drug or alcohol dependence, debt or homelessness.


Pat Normington, in her usual generous manner, had brought delicious cakes, which were enjoyed. Pat will speak on ‘Life’s Experiences’ on Thursday 12 December at 2.15 pm in the Callister Hall.

Visitors always welcome.

October 2019


Marion Hickson, Branch Leader, welcomed members to the meeting and led a short act of worship during which 'Praise my soul, the King of Heaven' was sung.


Suzanne Wainwright then proceeded to tell of her time working with the young people on the streets of Leeds. She was always involved with youth clubs, etc., when her own children were young but she eventually became a professional youth worker. She covered an area of Leeds, never working alone, trying to help with homeless problems and abusive substances, aiming to gain the confidence of young people. They needed someone to help them to make better choices in their lives. The project she worked on ended when she retired and the funding she had for her area is now used for the whole of Leeds.

Suzanne is a wonderful person, who has made a difference to many young lives. Judith South thanked her for sharing her precious time with MU.

Due to kind benefactors, sandwiches and cakes had been donated and were enjoyed.

On 22 October Hazel Male and Brenda Sanderson will attend an Area Meeting and mid-day prayers, whilst numerous members are going along to the Provincial Meeting on 7 November - both at the Minster in Leeds.

September 2019


Members and visitors were welcomed to the September meeting by Marion Hickson and a minutes silence was held to remember Jack Cairns, who had recently passed away, and his wife Monica and family.


The hymn ‘At the name of Jesus’ was then sung followed by appropriate prayers.

Our guest speaker was Susanne Lifford, who had come to tell of her adventures in Laos, where she and her husband Will have visited on three occasions, and are quite in love with the country and its people.

Laos is a poor, communist country, about the size of Britain, with a population of 7 million. It is land locked by China, Myanmar (previously Burma), Thailand and Vietnam with the Mekong river running through it. The main religion is Buddhism.

They felt very safe and visited the royal capital, Luana Prubang, where they met wonderful, smiley people and enjoyed the super sunsets.


The country was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War and two million tons of unexploded bombs were dropped. Very slowly and methodically these are being removed but meanwhile many fatalities and injuries are occurring. On an earlier visit they met a young man named Manophet, who was involved in this work, he had taught himself English and was teaching children in his spare time. He unfortunately died in 2010 but his work continues and has been expanded by three other men, and now a school exists named Lone Buffalo, where 200 children are taught.

Susanne had clearly been inspired by this young man, which came across in her enthusiasm, which was infectious, and members were enthralled. She received profuse and generous thanks.

Tea and refreshments were served and members reminded that the talk at the next meeting on 10 October will be ‘My Life in a Muslim Family’ by Eileen Warburton.

August 2019


Members had a lovely friendly afternoon and enjoyed a superb afternoon tea, thanks to 1066 in Collingham, where conversation was varied and interesting.

The next meeting will be on 12 September in the Callister Hall, when Susanne Lifford will talk about 'Our Adventures in Laos'.


Visitors are always very welcome.

July 2019


In the absence of the Leader and quite a few members Judith South remarked that quality not quantity was important and led a short but sincere act of worship during which the hymn ‘How sweet the name of Jesus sounds’ was sung.

Members paired off and spoke to their partner telling them about life, family, hobbies etc., which were then shared with the group. Good conversations arose and made for a really interesting afternoon, whilst getting to know each other better.

Rosemarie Hine served delicious refreshments and another good meeting came to a close.


The next meeting, on August 8th, will be a little different, with plans to enjoy afternoon tea together at The Milk Churn, in Scarcroft at 2.30 pm.     

June 2019

On a very wet June day the welcome was warm in the Callister Hall to members and visitors. Leader Marion Hickson led a short act of worship during which 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind' was sung.  

Kate McIntyre came along with Tina, who is a Trustee of Knitted Knockers, to tell us about this wonderful charity. They provide beautiful coloured soft "knockers" for women all over the UK who have had surgery following breast cancer. They have over 100 knitters, called knockerettes, who have to be tested for their skill, and make the requested size to order, free of charge.

People are becoming more aware of them, as is obvious by the "knockers" they produce. In 2014 they produced 800 "Knockers" but in 2018 the figure had risen to 4,748. 

Tina helps in the Lingerie Dept of M & S in Leeds on the third Thursday of the month, informing ladies of their existence. Kate has raised money and awareness, and they are both inspirational ladies.

An informative and interesting afternoon was concluded with tea and home made biscuits by Brenda Sanderson.


The next meeting is on 11 July at 2.15pm in the Callister Hall, Bardsey when Canon Ann Hemsworth will talk about the founder of the MU Mary Sumner. Visitors always very welcome.     

May 2019

Branch leader Marion Hickson welcomed all and led a short act of worship, during which the hymn 'Praise my Soul the King of Heaven' was sung.

The speaker this month was the Reverend Angela Hannafin, who talked about her time working in Paris, attracting many members and visitors alike.

Angela spent 11 years in Paris, returning to England to work for the Church in 2013. It had been a very different life, living only 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower and learning about a different culture and eating habits. All these wonderful experiences, have made her the woman she is today, and we, as a Parish, are benefiting.

Judith South thanked her for her time and everyone enjoyed the delicious baking of Pat Normington.


The next meeting is on June 13th, in the Callister Hall at 2.15pm, when Kate McIntyre will talk on Knitted Knockers. Visitors are always very welcome.  

April 2019

Nineteen members and visitors came together in the Callister Hall to hear Neil Mills give a talk entitled 'Terrorism to Tulips'.

Neil spent 35 years as a police officer but now helps with deliveries in the florist his wife owns in Wetherby, following retirement. A very different life, but one that is interesting and every day is different.

Everyone enjoyed hearing of his experiences and appreciated his time.


Sue Cairns served refreshments with a reminder that the next meeting will be on May 9th at 2.15 pm when Revd Angela Hannafin will tell of ‘Learning to be Parisian – Living in the City of Lights’.

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