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The season of Advent

Service Update

In order to help reduce the costs associated with heating two churches during the current energy crisis we are having more joint services over the next few months. The new schedule can be seen below. This is only temporary and the situation will be reviewed at the end of January. You can read more about this here. 

Sunday 27 November, 2022

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent comes from the Latin “adventus”, meaning “coming”. It’s a period of preparation for Christians. So, what does “preparation” mean? Advent is a period of spiritual reflection in which Christians make themselves ready for the coming and birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Celebrating Advent typically involves a season of prayer and repentance; some orthodox Christians will also include prolonged fasting! This is followed by anticipation, hope, and of course the joy of Christ’s coming.

Sermon - Robert Siekierkowski
00:00 / 07:12
Intercessions - Angela Hannafin
00:00 / 04:15

Temporary Service Schedule

27 November

8.00am Holy Communion, All Hallows
10.00am Morning Worship, All Hallows
3.00pm Christingle Service, All Hallows

4 December
10.00am Holy Communion, St Mary Magdalene

3.00pm Christingle Service, St Mary Magdalene

7 December (Wednesday)

11.00am Holy Communion, St Mary Magdalene

11 December
8.00am Holy Communion, All Hallows

9.15am Family Service, St Mary Magdalene
10.45am Family Service, All Hallows

18 December
10.00am Holy Communion with Carols, St Mary Magdalene

24 December
3.00pm Crib Service, St Mary Magdalene

4.15pm Crib Service, All Hallows

11.30pm Midnight Mass, St Mary Magdalene

11.30pm Midnight Mass, All Hallows

(*Crib services will be outside, weather permitting)

25 December

10.00am Family Service, All Hallows

1 January - No services

Village News

The December 22 - January 23 edition of the Village News magazine is out now - full of community group news, information and activities.

This edition will hopefully bring a little cheer, as we move through Advent, to Christmas and on to the promise of good things to come in the new year.

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Pause for Thought

With the Reverend Angela Hannafin

Drougth UK.jpg

Rooted in God's Love

Recently I was in London for the wedding of a good friend. I’d lived in Clapham just over twenty years ago so we decided to walk to the Common to get some shelter on a hot day. However when we got there, we were shocked to see the open space the colour of barley...

Parish Five Year Plan
2021 - 2026

Plans to grow and develop the work of our churches in the parish over the next five years were announced at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 4 May 2021.

Our Environmental Policy

Our planet is facing a dramatic change in climate, which according to scientists the world over is a result of human action over the last 150 years, predominantly through the burning of fossil fuels to create energy.


As Christians we have a responsibility to take care of God's creation and the Parish Environmental Policy declares our commitment to do just that.

Planting Trees

Some of the organisations
we support... 


For help, support & information

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Precious Times Resource

Words don’t seem to be able to fully describe just how difficult and challenging the last year has been. I continue to struggle with making sense of what we are living through.

Image by Diana Simumpande

Prayer & worship

Find the time to explore some of these resources and listen to weekly intercessions, lead by Angela and members of our congregation, to help you through this pandemic.

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Free dial-in worship

The Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Image by James Genchi

Alone together

A guide to isolation and social distancing, to help live through the coronavirus pandemic, from those who know.

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

Praying with art

This website uses art to help us reflect more deeply on a particular passage of scripture, with a new painting offered each month. 


Mental health support

The reflections in this Church of England booklet seek to provide hope, reassurance and comfort, in these challenging times we are living in with coronavirus.

The church really helps me put life in perspective, particularly when I've had a challenging week.


New to the area, planning a baptism or wedding, or perhaps struggling to get around. Let us know how we can help.