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Living Well, Ending Well Podcast 4 available

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Sunday 24 October

Bible Sunday

Can you remember the useful things that you’ve been taught in life? I’ve learned a lot of things which have proved useful in my life, beginning with when I was very little, and learned to tie my shoelaces, and write a thank you letter.

Sermon - Angela Hannafin
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As today is Bible Sunday, we have some extra resources from the Bible Society. These are short Bible verses, written with the intent that you can spend time reading, reflecting and praying with them. You can use the prayers which are written here, or your own prayers. Perhaps there is a piece of scripture which will resonate more strongly with you? If so, let God continue to draw you in and speak to you through it. You might also like to use these short pieces of scripture through the week to help you pray.

Memorial Services

As well as our normal services today we will be holding Memorial Services at Saint Mary Magdalene (2.30pm) and All Hallows (4.00pm), each lasting around 40 mins. There will be an opportunity to hear the names of loved ones being read out.


A six week programme looking at environmental issues through a Christian lens. Every Wednesday, 7-8pm, starting on 13 October, via Zoom.


For more information and to sign up contact



Apple Festival Photos

Pause for Thought

With the Reverend Angela Hannafin

Don't Forget

Autumn is officially here. Are you a fan? I know many people who have been longing for this time of year, and relish the thought of stews, cosy nights in and watching the leaves outside turn red. Oh, of course, there’s also Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing. I miss the diminishing light outside and...

Village News

The Oct - Nov edition of the Village News magazine is now available, with a blend of church and community news and events.  

In this edition we focus on the arrival of autumn and all that there is to look forward to as we leave the summer behind. There are some early mentions of the festivities to come later in the year, celebrations of the apple harvest and reminders of our need to care for creation. 

Parish Five Year Plan
2021 - 2026

Plans to grow and develop the work of our churches in the parish over the next five years were announced at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 4 May 2021.

Our Environmental Policy

Our planet is facing a dramatic change in climate, which according to scientists the world over is a result of human action over the last 150 years, predominantly through the burning of fossil fuels to create energy.


As Christians we have a responsibility to take care of God's creation and the Parish Environmental Policy declares our commitment to do just that.

Some of the organisations
we support... 


For help, support & information

Precious Times Resource

Words don’t seem to be able to fully describe just how difficult and challenging the last year has been. I continue to struggle with making sense of what we are living through.

Prayer & worship

Find the time to explore some of these resources and listen to weekly intercessions, lead by Angela and members of our congregation, to help you through this pandemic.

Free dial-in worship

The Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Alone together

A guide to isolation and social distancing, to help live through the coronavirus pandemic, from those who know.

Praying with art

This website uses art to help us reflect more deeply on a particular passage of scripture, with a new painting offered each month. 

Mental health support

The reflections in this Church of England booklet seek to provide hope, reassurance and comfort, in these challenging times we are living in with coronavirus.

The church really helps me put life in perspective, particularly when I've had a challenging week.


New to the area, planning a baptism or wedding, or perhaps struggling to get around. Let us know how we can help.