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Learning to live more sustainably

Knowing what to do about climate change is not always easy, and even when you do know taking the required action can be difficult. Changing to a more sustainable way of living and caring more for the natural world doesn’t always come easy in our modern day world, but there are many local, national and international events and activities that might help you to focus and act on the things you can do.

As a parish we are keen to help our village communities make the changes needed to address the climate crisis and we will therefore be raising awareness of, and where possible getting involved, with one eco related activity/event each month. The calendar below shows you what they are. We will publish full details and dates where needed, of each at the appropriate time.

Other special days, weeks and events that draw attention to environmental issues throughout the year are also shown below.

Earth Day, 22 April

International Biodiversity Day, 22 May

World Environment Day, 5 June

Beautiful Burial Grounds Week, 8-16 June

Fairtrade Fortnight, 9-22 September

World Car Free Day, 22 September


Stop Food Waste Day

Wasting food is a waste of the energy to grow, harvest, process, ship and cook food. 

More here



Bardsey Gardeners will be creating a wildlife friendly area in All Hallows churchyard.

Image by Jonathan Kemper



Remembering that we are stewards of our planet. It was created by God for us to take care of.



Autumn Planting Day

Helping to ensure our churchyards are a haven for wildlife, we will be planting bulbs, shrubs and trees.

Image by Aaron Burden


Christmas Green Crafts

Christmas can be a wasteful time of year, so why not make use of natures bounty and create your own decorations.

Image by Annie Spratt

22-26 MAY

Walk to School Week

The school run alone is responsible for generating half a million tonnes of CO2 per year

people walking on gray concrete road dur


Family Litter

Litter is unsightly and can be hazardous to humans and wildlife. Get involved and keep it clean!

Image by Matthias Gellissen


Visit to Organic Pantry

Based at Newton Kyme near Tadcaster this family farm supplies seasonal produce, whilst caring for the environment

Image by Sri Lanka


Birdfeeders Competition

Help the birds through winter by designing and making birdfeeders to suit a variety of bird life.

Image by Veriko Dundua
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