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Each one, as a good manager, of God's different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gifts he has received from God.


1 Peter 4:10


Our churches need both financially and physical support to make sure they continue to meet the needs of our villages and are able to reach out to those in other communities who need our support.

We need to raise enough money each year to maintain the work of our two churches, which includes essential refurbishment and repairs, to secure the fabric of our buildings. We receive no financial aid – we pay for our running costs ourselves, relying on giving by members of our congregations and local communities to meet our needs. 


Whilst money is important the work of the Church would not be possible without people. We need volunteers and helpers to care for our buildings, support our services, help with administration and take the work of the Church out into our communities. 

Belonging to my local church knits me into the day-to-day fabric of the local community, as well as its history and its future hope.


Giving of our wealth is an important part of the Christian faith but also an expression of our belonging – we are not leaving others to resource our church. How much to give requires a thoughtful, prayerful decision, that only you can make.


There is no right amount to give, everyone is different. Give a percentage of your income that you are comfortable with.


Whether managing our finances, leading prayers or preparing our churches for Sunday worship, we rely on individuals to give their time and skills to making sure we maintain a strong spiritual and physical presence in our villages, welcoming and supporting all members of our communities.

If you have some spare time and a desire to help, we would love to hear from you.


Everything is possible when done together. There is no better way to make friends than to achieve something together.


From the Mothers' Union to the seasonal Lent group, the church has a proud tradition of being involved with, and often leading community groups, helping to share a living faith.

Why not start one yourself?

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