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And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual.


1 Corinthians 2:13

Sunday, 19 September

Today we’ll be looking at the tricky topic of what Jesus called being a servant. It’s got nothing to do with working downstairs at Downton Abbey but everything to do with an inner attitude which challenges our own ego and allows us to value others.

Sermon - Angela Hannafin
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Service update

From September, we will change our parish services, and start to take steps forward out of Covid. Our morning service times will revert to the pre-coronavirus arrangements as follows;


08.00 and 10.45 at All Hallows

09.15 at St Mary Magdalene

We will have singing during the services (although it will be advisable to sing with facemasks on) and coffee will be available after services.

Whilst socially distancing will not be required it is important that those attending feel safe and therefore for those who would prefer to be socially distanced, during any service, provision will be made. Please tell us if that is what you would prefer, rather than just staying away.

To be more inclusive as we move forward, we are making some changes to our service structures. Our monthly pattern of services starting from 5 September will include Morning Worship, without Holy Communion (non-Eucharistic services) and will look like this;

First Sunday: Holy Communion at all services
Second Sunday: Holy Communion at 8.00, Family Service at 09.15 and 10.45
Third Sunday: Morning Worship at 08.00, Holy Communion at 09.15 and 10.45
Fourth Sunday: Holy Communion at 08.00, Morning Worship at 09.15 and 10.45

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