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While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.


Genesis 8:22

Generous July


Does your life touch other people’s lives? Throughout July, as you go about your business, we wonder if you could reflect on whatever you’re doing and see whether you could think of giving something to someone else. 

If you’re making dinner for yourself or your family, is there someone you might invite to eat with you – outside perhaps if easier or send them some food. If you’ve got a DIY skill, is there someone you might help? Could you send someone a card or an email to say hello? When you’re doing the food shop could you put some extra things in for St Aidan’s FoodShare?


We may not be able to touch people physically right now, but our lives can still touch theirs.

St Aidan's Foodshare


As we approach the school summer holidays St Aidan's Foodshare would like to request donations which are aimed more at children, particularly healthy snacks and drinks but also treats, which would of course include chocolate!

Baby supplies are still welcome but there is currently a good stock, which will last for a little while.

Perhaps you could add a special item to your shopping basket each week, along with the staple food goods?


As always donations can be left at the vicarage gate in Bardsey or the designated drop off point in East Keswick. Contact the Parish Office for details of locations. 

Claire Dickson.jpg

Dr Claire Dickson, a member of the congregation at All Hallows, raised over £1,000 on Sunday 4 July to support St Aidan's Foodshare by completing an endurance race at Bramham Park.

There is still time to sponsor her?

The nappies have piled up nicely at the vicarage! Thank you.