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Caring For The Things We Value

In October I’m officiating at the last of our Parish weddings for the year. I do enjoy a good wedding – doesn’t everyone?

During my wedding talk I encourage couples to make time to be with each other. Modern life is extremely busy, but relationships are like gardens – they need to be maintained. It’s important to spend time together – otherwise things get overgrown!

The things that we value in life we want to look after.

If you’ve been through Bardsey village, you’ll see that All Hallows church currently has scaffolding around it. We are repointing the church – in other words, removing old mortar and replacing it with mortar which is suitable for a listed building. It’s an important and skilled job, which will take a few months to complete.

Of course, a definition of a church is not actually the building itself, but rather the community of Christians which may gather there. The first group of Christians recorded in the book of Acts met in the temple courts and in each other’s homes (Acts 2:42-47). Their community life was characterised by generosity and joy. People liked the experience of being together and kept coming back!

However, it is important to look after our heritage as well as our community life. Both All Hallows and St Mary Magdalene church buildings need regular maintenance work to ensure that the buildings can be handed on to generations to come. We have also been developing our worshipping spaces to accommodate more people.

Both our churches are open every day. As well as our regular Sunday services and monthly Eucharist (at St Mary Magdalene), we meet every Thursday to pray from 9.15 am for half an hour. Anyone is welcome to join us and to benefit from our worshipping spaces.

We value our churches and the communities who meet there. Perhaps you too will enjoy the experience of being together with us at church? You may even want to return? We do hope so.

Every blessing



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