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What's the point?

The early part of the year is a great time for planning and thinking. It’s great to identify our next holiday, think again about whether we want to go for a promotion, or whether there is a new hobby we are interested in. We might even venture outside to look at the garden and consider what gardening we can do (when the weather permits!) Spring is still a little further away, but we can still do some sowing and big picture thinking, huddled up in the warmth inside.

Many of us, if we are people of faith, may attend a place of regular worship, and sometimes we’ve been doing things for so long, we don’t remember how or why we did them. Some of us can’t even remember when we started doing those things! It’s good to step back and do some big picture thinking.

We are organising a sermon series in the parish in February called “What’s the point?”. We’ll be looking at different parts of the service over five weeks, and thinking about why we do those different things which form part of our spiritual worship. What’s the point of being important to be honest with God about ourselves and ask for his forgiveness? What’s the point of taking the Eucharist, in other words, the bread and wine which Anglicans believe becomes transformed into the real presence of Christ? And why do we bother to sit and listen to God’s word (“What’s the point of the sermon” is, I realise, a provocative title!). If we never step back, question what we do, and look at it from a different angle, we risk just going through the motions of life.

Whether you join us for our services or not, I hope you will benefit from the opportunity for new approaches which the beginning of 2019 offers us.

Every blessing.



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