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Discovering hidden treasures

I recently discovered the joy of auctions. I was told about a nearby auction house, where I could place a bid via email, as I was unable to go in person to the auction. With no clue about how much to bid (and about auctions in general), I plucked a few basic figures from the air and sent my email off.

Well, why not. Imagine my pleasure when I received a confirmation email a couple of days later, informing me that three of my five bids had been successful!

I drove off to collect my china, unsure of what would await me. The beautiful art deco china set looked even more lovely than on the website, and I was surprised to see a few other ‘surprise’ items thrown in too: commemoration plates marking the reign of Queen Elizabeth (I remember the Jubilee of 1977!), Queen Victoria and Queen Mary. The 1930s dinner service looked good too – and I can report that it was subsequently used and has survived the dishwasher (!) All in all, a real treasure find, and one which was worth driving across to Ilkley for.

Jesus told a story about a man who discovered treasure hidden in a field. When the man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. The ‘treasure’ was the kingdom of God, and such was its value when discovered, that the man was prepared to do something to reorder his world, in order to own the field and its treasure.

The Christian faith believes that life with God brings true joy. There are many inner treasures to discover with God – peace, reconciliation, life which goes on even past the grave, and so many more. For those who reach out to God, there is so much waiting to be discovered. God also takes great joy in you!

May you discover more of God’s love for yourself, and the joy to be found in relationship with him.

Every blessing



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