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Bringing us back to life

It's just as well I am married to someone who is a dab hand with the superglue. There always seem to be things around the house which need repairing.

This month I noticed a ring which a stone had fallen out of, a china pot which was broken and therefore no longer holding anything, and a glass rose from Venice which had its stem snapped.

Whilst I have zero patience and therefore no skill at glueing things back together, my husband is gifted in this area. I returned home recently to find the ring with its stone back in place and the china pot now holding loose change. The glass rose is next!

It is amazing to see things, which were damaged, now in a new repaired state.

Human beings are similar. The tough experiences of life have deeply affected us. We all carry a lot of brokenness with us, but often don’t stop to look at it, or consider if any repairing is possible. The Christian message is that we are all broken and damaged people, but God the repairer offers us new life.

The Church’s season of Lent is a time to withdraw from the busyness of life. In Lent we can look inside ourselves and consider our brokenness. It is a time to pay more attention to our spiritual lives, and to open ourselves up to God again. God can patiently and lovingly attend to our wounds. He can bring us healing and new life. Lent leads us to Easter where we celebrate both the history and the reality of resurrection. It is possible to live in a new repaired state with God.

Our parish churches are open every day and are places of sanctuary to receive God’s love afresh. People have been coming in to experience this for hundreds of years. Why not pop in yourself sometime to receive God’s repairing love?

Every blessing



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