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May the force be with you

As I write this, I am reminded that today is Star Wars Day. Yes, May the Fourth is a special day for many people, as they celebrate the famous George Lucas films and franchise. I was a child when these films were first released. I vividly recall the Star Wars lunchboxes, bedding and so on which filled our homes and schools. This day has also produced catchphrases such as “May the Fourth be With You”, a pun on the famous “May the Force be with You” line.

I doubt if people could ever have imagined that days like these would be spent in lockdown. Many people are having to adapt to celebrating special days, birthdays and anniversaries in a new way. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, which is draining and strange.

Christians do believe in a force which is with them. It’s not a sci-fi theory, but the person of God, made known to us through his Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is always with us, ushering us into connection with God whenever he can. At the end of every church service, I give everyone present a blessing, with the sign of the cross. This is a reminder that God’s presence goes with us and never leaves us. A lovely woman I knew in Paris told me once that this blessing was the most important part of the service. She experienced great encouragement from knowing God was with her and strengthening her as she left church.

The blessing of God goes with us to equip us, to help us during these difficult days. It is for me and you and all of God’s created order. In our tiredness, our weakness, and our strain, we can all lean in to receive the goodness of God. He is for us, not against us, and goes with us.

I leave you with a musical reminder of God’s blessing, which has been circulating on social media. Many people have found it uplifting. I hope you do too.

Every blessing to you



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