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More than just chocolate eggs

I often wonder to myself ‘What did we do before the arrival of BBC iPlayer/Smart TVs?'. Of course, the answer is, we watched three, then four channels, because that’s all there was to watch. Now we have an endless stream of television to access, some good, some not so good, but all of which is, I believe, a comment on our humanity and a window on the world.

I watched a drama series on television recently where our humanity was explored in all its frailties. The lead character, a sparky and dynamic female, was also seen to be deeply flawed. She had wronged her best friend, who had since died and so was left living out her guilt and confusion alone. She was last seen at the end of the first series, comforted by a notion that life’s mistakes could be rubbed out and another chance given.

Easter is all about this idea – that there exists another chance, and a way for us to be with God. It’s about the grim and ugly side of humanity – a friend who betrayed for money, an innocent man killed, the power of fear. However, that’s only the first part. Once we grieve on Good Friday, we emerge with joy on Easter Sunday. The power of God has broken through as the stone was rolled away from the tomb. Jesus is no longer dead, buried and wrapped in mourning clothes, but alive, walking around Jerusalem.

His death has rubbed out our mistakes and now we can live in relationship with God, forever. It’s all so much more profound than just chocolate and eggs.

This Easter, may you experience the new life that Christ brings. There is always a way for your mistakes to be rubbed out and another chance given.

Every blessing



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