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New Beginnings

Last May, one of the nicest things I saw for the first time, was the abundance of pink blossom, (or ‘pink snow, as someone called it!) which fell from the trees in the vicarage garden and liberally covered the path outside the front door. Witnessing the new buds of life bursting into bloom has been a reminder of new things going on in the parish... as there are many of them!

The first new thing to have appeared recently is our relaunched parish website. It’s been given a fabulous makeover and is something we are very proud of. It reflects our community, our history, and the things we value in our worship together very well.

Secondly, this month we are holding a Giving Campaign. Nobody likes talking about money, but we have to be honest about the funds needed to keep our churches and congregations sustained. It’s important that future generations can appreciate how their parish works for them, as much as the present one.

As part of our campaign we are asking those who already give to consider increasing their financial support. It’s also an opportunity, though, for us to ask for new volunteers. We always need people to help in our services, to assist with the care we offer, and to give practical aid where they can.

Could this be a new opportunity for you to give some of your time to the church? As our website says, “you will be welcomed with open arms”, as there are many ways volunteers can help.

There are details in this magazine about the Giving Campaign and the events we are organising in conjunction with it. We hope we might see you at some of them? Happy Reading!

Every blessing



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