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Reflecting on the Positives

Churchyard Snowdrops

During a rare, dry day recently I decided to brave the garden to see what the winter damage had been. I discovered a neglected, overgrown spot at the front of our garden, covered with dead branches and soggy leaves. It did not look pleasant at all. However, as I started to pull away the debris, I saw clumps of snowdrops poking through. What's more, there were also visible fat daffodil heads. A sign of Spring! How my heart was cheered.

No one can deny that the Winter's been a tough time, and we're all journeying through it still. Whether the weather's clement where you are or not, it's also a bleak time with the third lockdown. We need signs of encouragement to keep us going. We know that things will get better, but not yet.

So why not do some reflecting about where you've seen positive things recently?

You may very well need to do a little thinking about this, but it's worth it. Yes, things have been bleak, but perhaps there are signs of hope around to uncover and appreciate. For me, it's been reconnecting with old friends, via Zoom, more time to look at the natural beauty where we live, and a growing gratefulness for the little things in each day. Perhaps I've even slowed down a bit.. not a bad thing.

So yes, we're still in tough times and the snow may yet return. There won't be daffodils just yet.. but even seeing those tips poking through can help us think about what's been positive. Try it!

Every blessing



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