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Seeing the World in Glorious Colour

We finally succumbed to the lure of the temptation in Currys PC World. Yes, we bought a bigger television!

When I think that most of my decade in Paris was spent peering at a teeny tiny, postage-sized television screen in my small fourth floor apartment, I could laugh. Now everything is supersized, up close and personal: the action on the football pitch, the colours of the outfits (and spray tans!) on Strictly, and the detail on the Antiques Roadshow.

The rumour was correct and the salesperson was right. A bigger screen is worth it, in our opinion.

Jesus was no phoney salesperson, but he did know how to draw a crowd. He also proclaimed provocative things about himself, which left people wondering what he meant. “Those who drink of the water I give them will never be thirsty”, was one example. In directing a conversation about physical thirst into a deeper conversation about spiritual things, he was saying that a relationship with him would stop people looking elsewhere to assuage their needs.

Christians believe that these claims of Jesus are true. The worldwide church has continued for over two thousand years, because people are still discovering every day that what Jesus has said about himself is true.

A relationship with him ends our spiritual thirst. The care, peace and love that God offers through Jesus are qualities which satisfy.

Our parish has adopted these words in our Vision Statement for each of our churches, “A caring church, where all are welcome to know the peace and love of God”.

We think this is good news that we can’t just keep to ourselves. The rumours have been going for over two thousand years. Why don’t you come along to church to try it yourself?

Both our churches are open every day and are places to discover God’s peace and love.

You are always welcome.

Every blessing



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