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The Kindest Gift of All

On a recent trip to the cinema, I saw the film 'Joker'. There had been a fair amount of controversy surrounding it, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Whilst it is a film about the Joker, Batman’s famous nemesis, it’s a real departure from what I might have expected. There is little which links to the Marvel/DC films and certainly no fun-filled special effects.

'Joker' is a deeply powerful (and sometimes shocking) film about the human search for social acceptance in a world which is increasingly cruel and selfish. It’s also a study about the importance of kindness, one of the few virtues that shines through the film. So much so, that when I left the cinema, I felt acutely aware of my own lack of kindness at times.

Kindness is something which has become more important in our world. We’ve recently celebrated World Kindness Day, an opportunity to celebrate good deeds and pledge ourselves to be kinder as people. Christmas is a Christian festival of Kindness. God has reached out to us as people, coming amongst us in the form of the baby Jesus to begin life among us.

In his life, Jesus showed much of the kindness of God in the way he related to people, particularly those who have been denied social inclusion. Through his death on the cross, Jesus created a pathway for all humans, whatever their background or situation to have unbroken relationship and acceptance with God.

We invite you this year to join our Christian festival of Kindness with us. We have many Christmas events which you are welcome to join. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to church for a while, or even if you don’t know when you’ll return – all are welcome to celebrate with us.

Details of all our Christmas services can be found here

May you know the enduring love and kindness of God in your lives this Christmas time.

Every blessing



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